Days 5 & 6: July 3rd: 82 miles: Butler, MD to Washington, D.C. Day 6: July 4th in D.C.

4 07 2011

On our way to D.C. ominous clouds crept up on us and people scurried for shelter as we got caught in our first storm. We made it to an overhang in Rock Creek Park, MD, where Jorge and his family gave us Pepsi and watermelon as we waited out the downpour and lightning. After it subsided we took a narrow, hilly 13 mile trail from the park into D.C. That’s when the real fun started: the storm put us behind schedule so we were caught in the dark again. The aftermath of the storm in surrounding rural neighborhoods of D.C. was fallen trees and power lines. There were multiple road closings, newscasters covering the severe weather,  and branches and leaves scattered throughout streets. It took us until 11pm to finally reach our destination- lifeguard friend Jon Kelly’s apartment. Jon and his roommates Jason and Gino have hooked us up with food, shelter, and good company- thanks for the hospitality! Shout out to 6 month old dog Egypt for helping hold down the fort. Today, July 4th, Jon brought us to a local bike shop where we bought better equipped, rugged tires for our journey to prevent the onslaught of flats. We are utilizing the day for healing, maintenance, logistics, and watching fireworks at the Capitol Hill. We’ll be back in the saddle again tomorrow!

D.C. got served by Mother Nature

Jorge here's your pic- you're the man go live your dreams!

mountain biking with road bikes?

Egypt protected us as we fixed our bikes this morning

road block

getting some speed on the trail to D.C.

muddy tires: riding got a bit gnarley after the storm



2 responses

4 07 2011

Go Joe Rooney and James….so proud of you guys! Have fun and stay safe! jeanette

5 07 2011
Daniel Ferguson

Keep it up guys!

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