Day 1: June 29th: 101.3 miles- Spring Lake, NJ thru Trenton & Manayunk, PA to Conshohocken, PA

30 06 2011
We started off with a wild all-day ride. In order to get on track with the Adventure Cycling maps we had to pave our own route to Conshohocken, PA. As we entered PA, my back tube exploded going over a railroad track. We replaced it with no problems and luckily it occured just outside of Trenton and not in it. The Google maps for cycling were  more useless than a novel on Snooki’s dresser; we tacked on a bit more mileage than we needed to and we cycled through Allegheny in Philly at dusk, a not so safe area at a  not so safe time. Luckily the purple crescent moon kitten cycling jersey intimated onlookers and prevented any issues. We got caught in the dark for over an hour; this made for some exciting downhills in Manayunk. The backroads in Conshohocken were pitch black, yet soothingly quiet and peaceful alongside the Schuylkill River Trail. The people in Pennsylvania we’ve encountered are quite friendly: we got some directions from construction workers, some people in Wal-Mart, and two ladies  named Jen from Manayunk. Also big thanks to big John U, PA cyclist and future brother-in-law…You rock! The adrenaline is still flowing and we’re departing shortly for York, PA. ~Joe

departing from the Atlantic Ocean @ Spring Lake, NJ


escaping the hectic roads of Philly for some serene, closed roads somewhere in PA


Our ride ended up being about the length of the Garmin's full battery life



9 responses

30 06 2011

That’s awesome man, how was Manayunk???
Go Joe!

30 06 2011

well done guyz

1 07 2011
The Rogers Family

Hey guys,
We were fortunate enough to be there when you dipped your tires in the Atlantic and we are excited to follow your blog. Great job! Be safe and enjoy the ride!

1 07 2011

Nice! What bridge did you guys take to get out of Jersey? Calhoun, Trenton Makes? If I’d remembered you were going to be coming through here, I would have waved.

1 07 2011
Lindsay Steuber

so great! keep killing it guys! can’t wait for the midwestern updates!

2 07 2011
bob womelsdorf

Kevin, RJ, and Judy are down for a few days and showed me your site. Good luck. Sounds like a great trip.

3 07 2011

.hope you got to see the king and queen seat at rocks state park. have a rockin’ 4th and my family will be keeping track of your progress
“bringer of omlets” from delta pa

4 07 2011

thanks melissa!

4 07 2011
Aidan barrett

how’s the lads?

Bums not too sore I hope. Happy 4th of july to you both. Every1 over here following the blog too. The pictures are great. Hope ye have a safe trip. Keep posting.

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