It’s on like Donkey Kong: the journey starts in 10 days

20 06 2011

Here is a picture of the new house accompanied by my topless whips and i-phones.

It just happens to look like a tent, road bikes, and maps spanning 3,500 miles.

James McNena arrives in the United States for the first time in his life Thursday; the beautiful city of Newark will be the first destination he will be lucky enough to encounter. We will have some local adventures and then depart on Wednesday, June 29th from Spring Lake, NJ for San Diego, California. This has already become a team mission- major thanks are due to Tim Craven for lending the Specialized bike, Nemanja Jojic for helping create this website, Pete Costelloe & John Seniszyn for being such supportive training partners the past few months, Paul Lehr at Beacon Cycling in Howell, NJ for his ongoing advice and mechanical expertise, and Christina Pullella for sharing her knowledge on travel cycling and planting this idea in my head two years ago.

We’d like to announce our official charity partnerships for the Roll with Soul Cross-Country Ride: The Blazeman Lou Gehrig’s Foundation, The Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation, and James’ imported charity DEBRA Ireland Foundation for EB Skin Condition. We are riding to raise awareness and money for these worthy causes. All donations go straight to these foundations; further information and links can be found here on

Stay tuned for random and entertaining photo/video/blog posts from James and I as we find people nice enough to let us use their computers.



6 responses

20 06 2011
Emily Kablis

I’m looking at this site on my phone, so it may not be the full version, but I was curious if you are posting your planned route (or are you refusing to plan that much and just sort of going with it) btw, I think you’re crazy, my husband is ridiculously jealous, and we both agree that this is an awesome way to spend your summer! Have fun!

21 06 2011

Coach Rooney (My fellow Irishman):
Come on Son! What’s up with all of this biking stuff? You know your buttocks are going to be hurtin’ by the time you reach St. Louis son! 🙂 Sreiously, I wish you all the best and I hope you have many Come on Son! moments on your ride so that you will have some fond memories to laugh at. Look out for biker chicks and 18-wheelers! On behalf of the MTHS track team, we are all proud of you!

Your Come on Son! buddy,
Coach Murphy

22 06 2011
Joy Mable

This is so amazing!!! I will definitely be watching the progress and sharing the link for donations….hey Mr. Rooney aren’t you a little tall for that tent? God Bless you 🙂

22 06 2011
Shawn McCorkle

Hey Joe,
May the luck of the Irish keep you safe on your journey. I’ll be keeping tabs on you and I’m wondering what 50 days of not shaving will do to a man! Can’t wait to see the beard dude! I have a feeling that San Diego may change your mind about coming back here. Hopefully not. Good luck!

Coach McCorkle

30 06 2011
Jon Arroyo

Good luck Joe and to the “Roll with Soul” Team!!!! The Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation is so happy to be in a partnership with you and the team on this amazing journey you are taking!! We will be checking the site to see what you guys are up to regularly and lets raise money for breast cancer as well as awareness to help fight this terrible disease. You guys are so inspirational with doing this and we are so excited for you. Happy cycling!

Jon Arroyo
The Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation

30 06 2011
Paul Lehr

Good luck guys! Hope I got those bike ready enough for ya! Btw the shop’s in freehold lol! Have fun and I’ll be checking in on this.

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