What I’d Like to Believe: one quick serious post

4 06 2011

As I look at my disheveled room admist packing/unpacking prior to or after an adventure, I notice that it is representative of how fragments of myself feel sprawled about where I have traveled. Backpacking Europe & Morocco and  living in Ireland left me feeling more alive and connected to people than ever.  A new personal comfort zone with unpredictability (sometimes chaos), and the realization that physical distance and cultural boundaries could be transcended to form friendships changed my life forever. Ironically, the confusion that would happen in my restless mind on flights home, once the frienships and experiences came to a sudden halt, also created a disconnect. It is overwhelming to make connections with people and places but then be forced to press forward although unready.

Adventures, like life, seem to be completely random at times. Although “random,” I’d like to believe that it is some kind of fateful miracle that brings us to be at the same latitudes and longitudes at the same moment. The people and destinations we encounter edit our life’s perspective; it becomes a quilt interwoven by various influential artists. Some of the thread is thick and made by long-lasting friends but other thread is thinner, still a part of who we are, sewn by more temporary makers. Although quickly out of our lives, “transient” encounters leave a permanent mark, which leaves purpose and potential within any encounter.  I’d like to believe that adventures and life are not so random and transient- they are spiritually purposeful. Adventures shape identity and they mirror life as they become what we make of it; we weave our own “destiny” through places and people that somehow end up being all connected. Our impact on others and the world could be immeasurabe.  I’d like to believe that life is not random and that we can mold ourselves and the world into what we want, as long as we don’t get complacent or jaded.  To that end, I’ll ride and take in each moment of “now” with an open mind and heart. I’ll be open to being changed and creating it. I’ll remain undistracted by the turbulence of drama constantly storming around and navigate forward optimistically despite the  mysterious remnants of the past  blowing by. The real risk involved with trips like this are not the “Where are we going to sleep?” or “How are we going to get there?” questions: it’s finding out that the answers don’t matter. This adventure, maybe like life, will be one in which happiness will be within the unpredictability of the journey and not the destination.  Let’s see what we can make of this trip!



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5 06 2011
11 06 2011

Joe, keep on doing the best you can.

17 06 2011
Autumn Tao

I totally agree that our encounters with others, good or bad, occur for a reason. We must be wise enough to always take something away from all the moments. There’s a piece of knowledge in even the most frustrating and negative experiences, even if it is simply recognition and gratitude that we see the world through more optimistic and appreciative eyes.

Best to you on your journey and congrats for being wise enough to ride with an open mind.


19 06 2011

Ride with soul little brother; have a blast! Jeanette

25 06 2011

Very insightful, much like your class, Mr. Rooney. I always was one to look forward to hearing your stories about travelling and how you chose to live your life. Best of luck on the trip. I can’t wait to hear stories when the 2011 school year starts!

30 06 2011
kevin rooney

Roondawg Jr. Enjoy the ride

Cold drinks will be on me when you return!

Big Roondawg

3 07 2011
Matthew D. Berry

I saw these cats on Marriotsville road in Ellicott City, MD. Good luck cycling the rest of the way!

7 07 2011

Thank you for the experience! I am enjoying every post 🙂
A thousand times better than any “reality” show.
Well wishes to you and James

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